2021 Salary Guide for Designers: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered why one individual is making $70,000 a year, and you’re making $26,000 a year? Don’t you deserve to be making as much money as them?

One way to analyze your salary and determine the salary range for an industry is by reading the annual industry salary guide.”Robert Half, the parent company of the Creative Group, publishes a salary guide for the design profession.

The guide provides the market outlook, in-demand occupations, and insight into the industry’s flexibility and stability. This post discusses the salary guide and how it’s an additional tool for your career journey.

What Is a Salary Guide?

A salary guide gives a range of wages an industry pays an employee to work in a particular job. It reflects the minimum and maximum salaries a company pays an employee for a position. Often you might see the listed salary on a job posting. Hiring managers use the salary guide to offer a new hire a certain salary. 

What Is the Purpose of a Salary Guide?

The salary guide is a useful resource for managers and job seekers. Managers should keep up to date with their industry salary guide to provide competitive salary compilations and be aware of the trends and news out there. Similarly, job seekers will want to be equipped with this information in interviews and when determining their salary requirements for a job.

How Can You Use the Salary Guide?

Professionals: You can use the salary guide to aid in making sound decisions regarding work opportunities. For example, if you want to move to another city, a salary guide is a helpful tool to come up with realistic expectations. The salary guide will show you any differences in the industry between the two locations.

You also need to stay up to date with the trends within your industry. Use the salary guide to know what the major changes are for your industry each year.

Parents: It’s a great tool to help advise and support your child as they prepare to enter college. It can also answer questions your child may have concerning the design profession.

College students: You can use it as a learning tool to make decisions on your career choices. You’ll be able to find out what starting and maximum salary within a certain field is.

Educators: College professionals should use the salary guide to teach students what career steps they should take.

Key Points of the 2021 Salary Guide

The 2021 Salary Guide will see differences from the COVID-19 pandemic along with the usual changes each year. There are three major changes to look out for within the Creative and Marketing profession:

  • Companies are conducting online interviews more
  • More employees are working from home
  • The hiring process has shortened

COVID-19 brought rising trends to the Creative & Marketing professions. More companies are striving towards digital marketing strategies, especially brick-and-mortar companies. Companies are looking for help designing websites, and this has generated a strong demand for Marketing and Designers.

Advancing Careers within the Creative Field

  • Graphic designer 
  • Video producer
  • UI Designer

Salary Guide Calculator Addition

The Creative Group made it easier for you to figure out what a salary pay is for your profession within a certain city. Here’s where you can find the salary guide calculator or you can download the salary guide to get the link.

Where to Find the 2021 Salary Guide

It’s a good idea for you to grab a copy of the salary guide. As you can see it’s beneficial for your career journey. Downloading the 2021 Creative & Marketing Salary is free to do and you can find it here.

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