designExplorr Youth Programs and Activities


Work with us to provide youth with engaging experiences that encourage and show creative career options available to match their passion for creativity.

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Design Club

The DesignExplorr Design Club is an interactive multiple-session program that allows students to explore the power of design. The program supercharges creativity with activities that explore design thinking, problem-solving, creative exploration, and artistic prototyping. Students learn conceptual design techniques through a daily design challenge. As a result, students gain creative confidence, develop critical thinking skills, learn to visualize their ideas, and foster innovation.

Think Like a Designer Workshop

Think Like a Designer Workshop is a 90-120 minute one-day interactive pop-up workshop that allows students to explore design in three easy steps. This workshop can take place indoors, outdoors, and/or online. Attendees can receive a TLAD Kit that contains art supplies, user cards, and an activity worksheet that provides students with the tools to guide them through solving a design thinking challenge at home.


DesignExplorr Takeover Sessions are 50-75 minute daytime in-classroom learning activity(s) for grades k-12. Our Takeover activities introduce students to what design is and how designers work through a design challenge and artistic prototyping. Students have fun and gain creative confidence by developing critical thinking skills and learning to visualize their ideas.

Digital Design Workshops

Digital Design Workshops are 90-120 minute single or multi-day activity(s) for grades 4-12 to discover the amazing world of digital design through digital prototyping with an online design software app. Attendees ages 14-years and up will receive the Adobe Spark premium package for free with 2GB of storage space and premium features. Students learn about designing posters, social media graphics, slide shows, and videos. This workshop requires wi-fi and laptops for all student attendees.

Design Learning Challenges

Design Learning Challenges (grades 2-12), a 2-hour activity or a one-day workshop. A design learning challenge is an interactive workshop that allows youth to think like a designer, practice empathy, and expand their imagination through creative exploration. A design learning challenge exposes youth to design careers and creates an opportunity for youth to think deeply about solving a problem using the five-step design thinking process. This 2-hour workshop produces a physical (or digital prototype), and then concludes in a shared collaborative experience where students reflect and present their design results.

Power Posters

Power Posters for students in grades 4-12, a 75-90 minute presentation, or a two-day workshop encourages students to use design to communicate meaningful messages using a digital prototyping software app. In this workshop, students will develop meaningful messages, discover the three things that make posters powerful, and determine what makes a poster work. Materials used in this workshop are pictures of historic posters, a discovery worksheet, and two supporting videos to show the power of posters.

Creative Career Conversations

Learn about the power of creative careers. This workshop will discuss the journey to become a designer, the needed skills, salary opportunities, and day-to-day work tasks. During this session, students will create a vision board to identify their interests and learn how to set smart goals to achieve a successful creative career. This session is for students interested in learning more about graphic, web, industrial, interior, fashion, user experience, architecture, photography, and illustration.


Our Design IS: workshop bundle is comprised of four introductory workshops that involve brainstorming, artistic prototyping, and critical thinking. The workshops are designIS: Creative, designIS: Change, designIS: Cyber, and designIS: Careers. Let your students discover how design can impact their lives firsthand with time-flexible, hands-on, fully facilitated workshops; and have fun while learning.