About the designExplorr-ations classes

A course that teaches graphic, industrial, and interior design concepts to youth ages 12-18 years old.

List of future
Programs, Workshops, and Activities

  • Design Learning Challenges
  • Spark216
  • Design Day
  • Portfolio Review and Development
  • Career Visioning with the Design Journey Map
  • Career day talks/expos and short design activities 
  • Conversations with Creatives Speaker Series
  • Design Thinking Activities and/or Workshops
  • Subject Matter Presentations
  • Webinars

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Our Workshops

An interactive workshop for students in grades 2-12 that solves a social impact topic.

Discover digital design with single or multi-day activity(s) for grades 2-12.

Classroom activities that introduce youth in grades k-12 to what design is and how it works.

This pop-up workshop teaches students how to explore design in three easy steps to solve a design challenges at home.

A multi-session after-school or summer program for grades 2-12 that allows students to explore the power of design.

Encourages students in grades 6-12 to discover the three things that make posters powerful.

Interactive presentations that explore the power and possibility of creative careers. 

The DesignIS Bundle — A set of four introductory workshops that explore the power of design and the potential of a creative career. 

A fun and creative event where attendees will be exposed to many different design opportunities under one roof.

How Our Workshops Help

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Artistic Prototyping