Diversity in Design Research

Design Journeys:
Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Design Disciplines

My research explores diversity in design disciplines and investigates fifteen strategic ideas to expose African-American and Latino (AA&L) youth to design-related careers. This solutions-based thesis introduces a map charting a design career from grade school to a seasoned professional.

About the Design Journeys Thesis

The objective of this study is to analyze the design journeys of current AA&L designers, learn what influenced their career paths and then to develop one strategic solution to address the lack of diversity in design discipline

Exhibition Panels

My intention for the outcome of this research is to create a series of communication tools about design for underrepresented populations in this field, specifically African-American and Latino communities. Further usability of this series of tools will be explored through the use of a portal to store these communication tools for students, parents, educators and other practitioners as a resource to gain information about design-related careers.