DE&I Consultations

Design, diversity, research, and strategy sessions with designExplorr founder Jacinda Walker for individuals and corporations

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Individuals and organizations can coordinate consultations for guidance, support, and in-depth conversations with Jacinda Walker around diversity, research, design, and strategy.

These can be purchased as consecutive monthly consulting blocks of time (3 – 5 hours) to be used within a specified period of time, and the hours may be divided into multiple verbal sessions and used as needed via scheduled voice or video conference calls.

Research and fact-finding

DesignExplorr provides individuals and organizations with research and facts – helping you to better understand diversity within your organization and develop strategies to improve hiring.

  • Research and fact-find information for individuals and organizations
  • Supply project leaders and recruiting teams with resources (online and offline) and tools to increase the number of diverse design professionals in the hiring pool
  • Facilitate opportunities at HBCU and HSI schools through the designExplorr network
  • Analyze and develop strategic ideas to address the diversity gap within your organization and the broader design profession
About Jacinda Walker:

Jacinda Walker, MFA is renowned for her work in design, diversity, research, and strategy. She is the founder and creative director of designExplorr, a social enterprise whose mission addresses the diversity gap within the design profession. Her research on Design Journeys: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Design Disciplines has been hailed as breakthrough work. This solutions-based thesis explores diversity in design disciplines and investigates effective strategies to expose Black and Latino youth to design careers. Ms. Walker’s future goals are to help scale diversity in design initiatives within education institutions, corporations, organizations, and museums.