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DesignExplorr is a social impact organization aiming to address the diversity gap within the design profession by expanding design education and raising awareness among community partners. We accomplish our mission through collaborating on educational youth programs, coordinating diversity-building initiatives, and connecting stakeholders to resources.

About designExplorr

DesignExplorr addresses the diversity gap within the design profession by partnering with educational and corporate organizations.

Diversity in Design Research

Our solutions-based research investigates strategic ideas to expose African-American and Latino (AA&L) youth to design-related careers.
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Between workshops, courses, corporate and educator trainings, and more – at DesignExplorr, there’s something for everyone.
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What We Do

Let’s create an unforgettable experience for your students! Our customizable, interactive learning experiences: 

• Ignite student’s creative spark with hands-on projects,
• Introduce students to the lucrative and fulfilling field of creative careers, 
• Increase creative confidence and induce positive behavioral changes through creative exploration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and artistic prototyping.

Our programs work with students throughout K-12 to nurture their creativity, introduce them to new technology, and prepare them for career success in the design profession.

In tandem with businesses and organizations, we coordinate opportunities that deliver impact. Our offerings include presentations and workshops on the Design Journeys research, collecting industry data to advise on talent searches, and consultations for recruitment strategies that include diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.

Students are at the heart of everything we do here at DesignExplorr. Our #1 design goal is to empower today’s youth with real-world skills, connections, and opportunities so that tomorrow’s design profession has all the best people leading the way.

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With us on workshops, activities, and careers that increase exposure.


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Introducing the Experiential Learning Center

Get excited! We will soon be opening the doors to our very new and improved 1,800-square-foot, free-standing experiential learning center. We have worked so hard to develop a space that will create an opportunity to implement even more strategic ideas for increasing diversity in the design profession. Soon, we will offer after-school programming, pre-college readiness courses, community tech teach-ins, and so much more. The future of design starts in your classroom.

As we move forward, literally and figuratively, into this next chapter of designExplorr, we remain rooted in our vision of a vibrant, diverse creative community ready, willing, and able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Message to the Community Impact Report

This comprehensive report details our origins, initiatives, programs, and activities throughout the past five years.

Our Team

Jacinda Walker

Laurence Lucy-Evans

Alissha Wilson

Alaina Battle

Kynnedy Smith

Shomari Blythewood

Francisco De Jesús II

Aderion Barney |

Founder and Creative Director


Graphic Designer







What Our Attendees Say

I was impressed by Jacinda's command of two very different sprawling spaces and the various rambunctious groups scattered throughout.
College and University
Jacinda Walker has such a passion for her work and mission, it inspired me to find that in my work. At the end of the day, we need to be passionate about the problems we are solving for out users, otherwise it won't reflect in our work.
Oracle Design Week​
As the world continues to ned more designers and as the design industry continues to struggle to become more inclusive, programs like Jacinda's that reach kids at a young age are absolutely vital.

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