About designExplorr


designExplorr is a celebration of design learning. A chance for creative youth to experience professional and directed design, to be engaged in conversations about design, and to learn what it takes to direct the course toward a career in the design industry.

We partner with professionals, parents, and teachers who are passionate about bringing diversity to this industry in a powerful way—to open closed doors to underrepresented youth.

Through a unique educational component, designExplorr puts powerful tools in the hands of parents and educators, equipping them to inspire creative youth to reach out and capture the design opportunities that await them. designExplor is the place where creative kids come to equip themselves for a career that combines their love of art with real-world tools. Kids using the designExplorr model will:

  • Stretch their creative limits with activities tailored to the creative mind
  • Learn the career competency they need to pursue their dreams
  • Have access to career-tracker tools
  • Meet and interact with actual designers and design professionals

Contact us today to discover what a career in creativity can look like.

About the designExplorr team and founder

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