Think Like A Designer Workshop

Attendees: Grades 4-12
Time: 90-120 Minutes

The ‘Think Like a Designer Workshop’ is an interactive workshop from DesignExplorr that allows students to explore the power of design in three easy steps. This workshop can take place indoors, outdoors, and online. The program supercharges creativity with activities that explore design thinking, problem-solving, creative exploration, and artistic prototyping. Students learn conceptual design techniques through a design challenge. This challenge produces a project where participants cycle through the five-step design thinking process. As a result, students gain creative confidence, develop critical thinking skills, learn to visualize their ideas, and foster innovation.

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Quick Facts

  • Practice social and emotional learning with empathy mapping
  • Learn design in three easy steps


Attendees receive a Think Like A Designer kit that contains art supplies, user cards, and an activity worksheet that provides students with the tools to guide them through solving a design learning challenge at home.

Think Like a Designer 2020

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Stretch young creative’s design thinking and problem-solving skills. How? By way of a design challenge, at home, in school, or in the office. Students cycle through the five-step design thinking process to learn the top three design techniques to begin thinking like a designer. Plus, our Designer’s Kits enhance students’ ability to visualize their ideas, facilitate greater creative confidence, and foster artistic innovation.

Our Designer’s Kit includes all of the necessary tools students need to bring out their interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity! Our Designer’s Kits for young creatives includes:

Design Prototyping Tools: 
  • Ten-color markers set
  • Eight-color crayons
  • One pair of scissors
  • One glue stick
  • Two No. 2 lead pencils
  • Two pencil cap erasers
  • One pencil sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sticky Notes

Design Education Tools: 

  • Design Activities Booklet (Youtube link only available for designExplorr subscribers)
  • Design Workshop Worksheet(s)
  • Set of six user cards