Digital Design Workshops

Attendees: Grades 6-12
Time: 50-75 Minutes

Discover the amazing world of digital design through this single or multi-day activity where students learn digital prototyping with an online design software app. Students learn about designing posters, social media graphics, slide shows, and videos. This workshop requires wi-fi and laptops for all student attendees.

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Quick Facts

  • Students 14 years and up gain access to the free Adobe Cloud Express
  • Teaches social media media content development


  • Students learn industry specific software
  • Introduction to digital prototyping tools

Meet Adobe Express

Adobe has taken their most popular iOS apps, given them a makeover, and moved them all under one roof in a web application so they’re available to everyone. Adobe Spark is a fun and frictionless storytelling Creative Cloud application that runs in any web or mobile browser, enabling users to quickly and easily express themselves via graphics, web stories and video to complete their school assignments and showcase digital creativity.

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