Working with designExplorr

Our goal is to empower today’s youth with real-world skills, connections, and experiences so that tomorrow’s design industry has all the best people leading the way. We do this work by offering youth activities, consulting services for organizations to develop diversity-building initiatives and provide design resources to students, parents, professionals, and other stakeholders. Our design presentations, design learning workshops, design challenges, and design day fairs are memorable events that help foster vibrant creativity in children who would otherwise miss out. You can play a part in bringing more diversity to the design industry by helping us take the next step.


Option 1

Collaborate with us to provide more opportunities, such as workshops, design challenges, and other design related activities to engage youth and show them what they can do with their passion for creativity. These types of opportunities equip youth with the experiences they need to learn more about a career in design.

Option 2

Businesses and organizations can consult with designExplorr to develop diversity building initiatives, targeted enrichment programs and other strategic measures to meet the needs of underrepresented youth.

Option 3

Stakeholders in the design profession can utilize designExplorr’s connections to underrepresented youth, educational institutions and educators to facilitate relationship building in these communities.