Choose Happiness

Today, I had to let go of another thing. As I look back, some things were taken away from me. Some things left me. And others, I left.

frozenCVRA friend once said to me, “It’s always sad when it doesn’t work out.” But does letting go have to be sad? Not at all.

Maybe, what I did shouldn’t be called letting go. I’m moving forward. Anticipating the next step. Choosing me. My sanity. Peace. Bliss. I’m relieved. Ready. This isn’t letting go. Its freeing up space in my mind and mostly my heart. Choosing to finally, move into a new place called… Happiness.

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Jacinda Walker is a designer, entrepreneur and instructor with over 20 years of industry experience, who calls Cleveland, Ohio home. She believes that “participation is the key to success.” Her work ranges from designing publications to educational programming and event management. Read more...

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