Portique Portfolio Reviews

In the highly competitive field of digital design, portfolios are the significant criteria for demonstrating creative ability, execution, technical skill and critical thinking. For years the design and advertising industry has remained a field not readily accessible or identified as a career by multi-cultural students. Portique (pronounced pȯr-ˈtēk, a portmanteau of portfolio and critique) is a portfolio review initiative designed to educate multi-cultural students on current industry standards, best practices and design resources.

The reviews are given by multi-cultural design professionals for multi-cultural design students, pursuing design-related careers. Portique’s give design students in these underrepresented populations an opportunity to sit side-by-side with a professional from similar cultural backgrounds to have their work reviewed, discuss career options and help cultivate the creative talent of these young designers.

Portique’s reviewers provide direct feedback to the student to assist them in their educational and career exploration. Exposing multi-cultural students to design professionals who mirror their cultural and ethnic identity will bridge the communication gap, aid in the understanding of the design industry and develop better qualified design personnel that can compete equitably in the advertising and design industry.


Jacinda Walker is a designer, entrepreneur and instructor with over 20 years of industry experience, who calls Cleveland, Ohio home. She believes that “participation is the key to success.” Her work ranges from designing publications to educational programming and event management. Read more...

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